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Things to do in Agordino

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Things to do in Agordino

Canale d'Agordo, the town of Pope Luciani
Where: Canale D Agordo (Canale d'Agordo)
culture   nature   

Canale d'Agordo is a small town in the province of Belluno, nestled in the Dolomites, in the Biois Valley; it rises to 976 meters of altitude and has 1115 inhabitants. He is universally known for being the birthplace of Albino Luciani, Pope John Paul I. Here everything speaks of... more

The dark side of Alleghe
Where: Alleghe

Alleghe is a beautiful village in the Dolomite area, in the province of Belluno, but it is known above all for some mysterious murders that took place here between 1933 and 1946. The first dates back to 9 May 1933: the victim is called Emma De Ventura , who works as a waitress... more

The Biois Valley in Falcade
Where: Falcade (Valle del Biois)
culture   nature   useful information   

Falcade is an Italian town of about 1800 inhabitants in the province of Belluno, in Veneto. It is located at the western end of the Biois Valley and is an important tourist destination in both summer and winter, especially thanks to the presence of the Dolomite peaks, which... more

The beauty of Agordino.
Where: San Tomaso Agordino (Agordino)

In the province of Belluno it is possible to visit a very fascinating place. This is San Tomaso Agordino, better known simply as Agordino. We are talking about a town of just over 600 inhabitants located in the mountains, and characterized by a typically alpine flora and... more

Agordo and surroundings, an experience in the Dolomites
(Agordo e Rivamonte Agordino)
culture   nature   wine and food   

Agordo rises in a basin at the foot of the Dolomites. It is perhaps the most important town in the area that gives it its name, the Agordino. The main city buildings overlook the main square of Agordo (Piazza della Libertà), first of all the archdiaconal abbey church of Santa... more

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