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Things to do in Italy

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Things to do in Italy

Aosta Valley
Emilia - Romagna
Friuli - Venezia Giulia
Trentino - Alto Adige Sudtirol

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Villapiana and outdoors
Where: Villapiana
events    culture   

Villapiana is a village on the high Ionian coast of Cosenza known for its beauty, but which never ceases to try to amaze its visitors with new initiatives. For example, it has tried to feed its cultural offer by also addressing contemporary art and creating a real open-air... more

The historical re-enactment of Mondolfo: the Expulsion
Where: Mondolfo

In the Marche the Renaissance period was particularly splendid, and there are many testimonies that can still be admired today of that historical period rich in artistic and architectural beauties. And not only. In fact, in many Marche villages, historical re-enactments are held... more

Where the prickly pear liqueur is produced.
Where: Gagliano Castelferrato (Gagliano Castelferrato.)
culture   nature   wine and food   

The village located in the northern part of the Municipality of Enna, is renowned for the fortress carved into the tuff, similar only to some sanctuaries located in Cappadocia. The Castle was excavated about 2000 years BC. C. from king Morgete Siculo who called his court... more

Where: Levanto
culture   nature   

Levanto is a town located on the Ligurian coast in the province of La Spezia. It has 5,500 inhabitants. A charming village not far from the cinqueterre, Levanto has a lot to offer to the visitor. Its charming old town is dotted with delightful old buildings with warm colors and... more

The open-air museum of LedroLandArt
(Val di Ledro)
culture   nature   

In Pur, near Lake Ledro, there is a unique open-air museum called LedroLandArt. The museum was inaugurated in 2012 by the will of the municipal administration in order to expand the tourist offer of the place with a cultural proposal. It is in fact an exhibition of land art... more

The feast of San Giorgio and the almond festival in Vicari
Where: Vicari
wine and food   folklore   

Vicari's patron saint is San Giorgio, and to celebrate him the association in his name has decided to give life to a series of celebrations that also include the almond festival. As for the saint, mystagogical sacred representations are staged in the streets of the town that... more

The magic of Christmas is special in Bolzano
Where: Bolzano

Bolzano is a pleasant city to visit throughout the year, but there is no denying how it has a special appeal during the Christmas period. Starting from the end of November and until the feast of the Epiphany, on January 6, the squares of the center are occupied by the wooden... more

From air to air.
Where: Badolato
events    culture   wine and food   folklore   

The video tells the celebrations of Easter in the streets of the village. Calabrian folk music accompanies the inhabitants and visitors during the festival, to the sound of accordion and guitar or from air to air. The arias are the traditional songs that were sung in the... more

A holiday in Trevignano Romano
Where: Trevignano Romano
culture   nature   fun   

Spending a holiday in Trevignano Romano can be very pleasant. In fact, there are many activities to be carried out, especially related to the fact that the town overlooks Lake Bracciano. You can therefore practice outdoor sports, such as sailing. But the village of the city is... more

The great feast of San Giacomo in Ortisei
Where: Ortisei/st. Ulrich (Ortisiei)

One of the most heartfelt festivals in Val Gardena, so much so that someone compares it to a national holiday, is the feast of San Giacomo. The church of San Giacomo is very old. Even today a group of 7 people ring the bells by hand, there are 4 of them. The 3 more are used to... more

The tradition of Pefan di Montignoso
Where: Montignoso

In Montignoso there is a tradition that has been handed down for several decades practically unchanged, and which concerns one of the most loved folkloristic figures in Italy, the befana. Here the Befana is called in dialect Pefan and on the evening of January 5 literally... more

Where: Vipiteno/sterzing (Vipiteno)

Vipiteno is a town in South Tyrol in the province of Bolzano; rises 948 meters above sea level and has 6,000 inhabitants. Thanks to its strategic geographical position it is easily accessible by any means. It is a small town but has all the infrastructure and amenities a visitor... more

The foods and places of the island of Pantelleria
(Isola di Pantelleria)
culture   wine and food   

The Island of Pantelleria is one of the smaller islands of Sicily: smaller in size (84 square kilometers) but not for its characteristics which attract tourists from all over the world. The island, although it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, draws its main sustenance... more

Fly fishing in Val Passiria
(Val Passiria)

One of the many activities that can be practiced in Val Passiria is sport fishing. The ideal place for the no kill bait, that is the one that requires the fish to be put back into the water after being caught, is along the waters of the Passirio stream which gives its name to... more

The legend of the fade of the Subiolo lake
Where: Valstagna (lago di Subiolo)

Between Valstagna and San Gaetano there is a very beautiful and equally mysterious lake. They call it the Subiolo lake because in Veneto the 'subio' is the whistle, and from the source of the lake there is a constant whistle. This place is of great interest for speleo divers, as... more

Meadow to discover
Where: Prato

A stone's throw from Florence lies Prato, 62 meters above sea level and with 186,000 inhabitants. Since 1992 it has become a province at the head of seven municipalities. True medieval jewel, albeit guilty out of major tourist circuits, Prato is a lively industrial and cultural... more

Catanzaro to discover
Where: Catanzaro
culture   nature   

Catanzaro is the capital of the Calabria region; it rises 320 meters above sea level and has 86,000 inhabitants. In the 1960s, what is the symbol of the city was inaugurated: a record-breaking viaduct with a single large arch of 231 meters in width. Through the bridge you reach... more

Gastronomic tour.
(Valfornace, da Pievebovigliana a Fiordimonte.)
culture   nature   wine and food   folklore   

With the expert guidance of an environmental operator, the areas, villages and agricultural vocations of this part of the Sibillini mountains are known. Along the lake of Boccafornace, the path enters the oak woods and along the wheat fields, now harvested, where the round bales... more

San Giacomo Cardini ski resort
Where: Roburent (Cardini di Roburent)
nature   fun   useful information   

Mount Alpet is part of the Cuneo mountain area and from the 1611 m peak you can see the valley of the capital and the Monviso. It is known as a place of refuge for Captain Mauri's autonomous partisan brigade, fleeing the Nazi-Fascist roundups of 1944. The ski area has been set... more

Prehistoric nights.
Where: Fumane (Molina.)
culture   nature   fun   

Recommended for families, the Parco delle Cascate is located near the medieval village, which has been known since 910 AD. C. According to a document of the time, King Berengario I granted Berteto the lands, rich in waterways and mills. Before entering the park, a visit to the... more

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