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The romantic lake of Toblino

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The romantic lake of Toblino

Where: Madruzzo
(Lago di Toblino)
Genre: culture   nature   

Alpine lake at the bottom of the valley is located at an altitude of 245 m. Surrounded by reeds and leafy trees that adorn the body of water with their reflections, the lake has generated around itself a temperate microclimate and Mediterranean vegetation. The walk that surrounds it is set up on a wooden platform, wrapped in tree branches and is flanked by the terraces of the Nosiola vine with white grapes. On a rocky promontory, on the north shore, the Castle was built in the 12th century. One of the most romantic places, up to its wall perimeter is covered with grass, with flower beds and climbing plants that make the outlines of the Gothic arched windows fabulous. The cylindrical tower softens every austere aspect and the crowns of the trees that surround it give naturalness and symbiosis with the mountain panorama. Privately owned, there is a restaurant inside. Many legends speak of the Castle, after all you can imagine in the morning when the clouds dissolve, defining the contours of the tower clearly, how not to believe that fairies live there.

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