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Monte Isola salami and its preparation

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Monte Isola salami and its preparation

Where: Monte Isola
(Monte Isola)
Genre: wine and food   

In Monte Isola there is a salami factory where a renowned salami is prepared throughout Italy, called salame di Monte Isola. It is characterized compared to other salamis for some aspects of its preparation. First, the meat is carefully selected. Only the most important parts of the pig are used: the thigh, the coppa, the loin, the fillet. The fat and the ribs are removed from the meat, all with the tip of a knife: that is, the selection is done by hand, and so is the cutting of the meat. Each piece must not be larger than a walnut. The meat is flavored with a seasoning made of salt, red wine, garlic and various spices. The dressing is made the day before and the day after the meat is treated and stuffed into a beef casing, called stick or straight. We then move on to the smoking phase, which is very light, and then to drying. For 7 days the salami rests at different temperatures, so that it flourishes, that is, it becomes covered with mold. The last phase, which lasts 40 days, is the seasoning, which gives the Monte Isola salami its unmistakable flavor.

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