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The origin of the name Amandola

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The origin of the name Amandola

Where: Amandola
Genre: culture   

Amandola is a town in the Marche region of the Sibillini Mountains, which was born as a free municipality in 1249 from the union of Castelleone, Agello and Marabbione. Today you can still see one of the original doors, Porta San Giacomo, which however underwent some alterations in the nineteenth century to make it more in line with the square it overlooks. The origin of the name of the town is mythological. In fact, the story of Phyllis, daughter of the king of Sparta, and her husband Demophon is told. The latter left to fight in the Trojan War. While he was away, Phyllis learned that he had fallen in love with someone else. Desperate, she left and wandered for a long time, until she arrived in the Marche. Here, on the hill where Amandola stands today, overcome by pain, she committed suicide. His body became an almond tree, but it was bare and bore no fruit. When Demophon learned what had happened to his beloved, he sought her out and learned that she was dead. Then he embraced the almond tree, which finally blossomed. The name Amandola therefore has Latin roots: ab arbore amandula, from the almond tree.

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