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The Castle of Count Mattei

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The Castle of Count Mattei

Where: Grizzana Morandi
(Rocchetta Mattei)
Genre: culture   nature   useful information   

The complex stands on a rocky pedestal, at 407 m, on the ruins of a medieval construction of lookout to the Reno, which was owned by Frederick Barbarossa and later by Matilde di Canossa. Destroyed by the lordship of Bologna in 1293, it remained in ruins until the arrival of the self-taught doctor Mattei who, enriched with electro-homeopathy, built his picturesque residence there. Famous people such as Ludwig III of Bavaria and Tsar Alexander II came to the castle court, where a jester also played, to undergo the alternative treatment, of secret formulation and dynamics. The relatives of the Count did not keep the structure which was bought by Stefanelli in 1959 where he allocated a tourist structure. Once again abandoned, it was renovated by the Cassa di Risparmio di Bologna which reopened it to the public in 2006. Rich in frescoes and neoclassical finishes, the optical illusions, due to the decorations of the articulated vaults, accompany the visitor. Resembling the Mosque of Cordoba, the Rocchetta, immersed in the woods, offers a truly special trip!

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