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Conquered tunes

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Conquered tunes

Where: Arzachena
(Costa Smeralda)
Genre: culture   nature   folklore   

The Costa Smeralda is a name that did not exist before 1960 and Cannigione was a hub between sea and land in the livestock and goods trade. The territory was dotted with villages of peasants and fishermen, very attached to traditions and their simple, grandiose life. The arrival of Aga khan was followed by the contamination of large amounts of money and many other personalities of the high-class, rich and entrepreneurial world. Villas, hotels and discos were built near the marvelous coast, due to the color of the rocks, their livability and the incomparable transparency of the water. The impact was not simple but as in all impetuous mixes, with time equilibrium is reached, at the cost of going backwards. The Gallura culture, rooted in this province, has saved the environmental beauty by preserving wild places such as Punta Salina, Barca Bruciata, Tanca Manna and Cala Bitta, which include pristine cliffs and seabeds full of fish. The mouth of the San Giovanni river generates a humid area where migratory birds with the purple herons rest among the Salicornie. Baia Sardinia is also an entrepreneurial reputation that changed the small port Battistoni, used for supplying fresh water in La Maddalena, into a luxurious tourist center. Wherever you want to stay, come to Costa Smeralda and take shelter in Porto Quatu, hidden in a cove and sheltered from bad winds.

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