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Stay With A Family In Italy Teaches Italian Cooking

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Schools in Italy

Italian Culinary Institute, Italy
Locality: Stalettì (Catanzaro)
Region: Calabria
Accommodations: Hotel - B&B

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Locality: Rome
Region: Lazio
Locality: Imola (Bologna)
Region: Emilia - Romagna

Latest Courses in Italy

Italian Courses On Garda Lake
Luogo: Salò (BS)
dal: 1 September 2020
Duration: 12 months
ONE-TO-ONE LESSONS, including end-of-course certificate: Intensive course: one week monday to... more
at: Lest Languages
Italian Language Course
Luogo: Viterbo (VT)
dal: 28 September 2020
Duration: 2 weeks
Italian Language Courses for all Levels at THE ITALIAN LANGUAGE INSTITUTE in the historical city... more
at: The Italian Language Institute
Luogo: Siracusa (SR)
dal: 1 May 2021
Duration: 1 weeks
- 20 group lessons divided in 4 lessons of 45 minutes per day - 3 thematic... more
at: The Italian Academy
Language Cooking Culture
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Latest Courses in Italy

Cooking Buon Appetito cooking class
Region: Sardinia Locality: Alghero (Sassari)
from: 31 August 2020 Duration: 5 hours
Sardinia’s typical intense and distinct flavors are the product of our rugged land kissed by the Mediterranean sun and sea. Our tomatoes, aubergines, zucchini, peppers, melon and watermelon are wonderful during the summer months, our fish always... more

Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera
Accommodations: (Host Family) (Apartment) (Hotel - B&B)
Cooking Italian Cooking Course
Region: Apulia Locality: Otranto (Lecce)
from: 16 April 2021 Duration: 4 weeks
If you want to learn how to taste wines and how to prepare good Italian cooking dishes, well, this is the right school for you

Accommodations: (Host Family) (Apartment) (Hotel - B&B)
Cooking Cooking class
Region: Sicily Locality: Palermo
from: 1 October 2020 Duration: 2 weeks
The cooking course includes the presence in the kitchen so that the activities are practical. Our expert will show you how to cook some typical dishes and the various culinary secrets that an expert knows. Fantasy creates, in fact the course is... more

Language Cooking Culture Language and cooking course
Region: Umbria Locality: Perugia
from: 14 October 2020 Duration: 1 weeks
Cooking course 20 hours Tuesday: brief introduction to Italian cuisine, hygiene standards, product references. Proper food handling and basic processing techniques. Cold and hot appetizers. Wednesday: pasta dishes (dry and fresh pasta, risottos,... more

Accommodations: (Host Family) (Apartment) (Hotel - B&B)
Language Cooking Art STUDY TRIP TO ITALY 2021
Region: Abruzzo Locality: Casalbordino (Chieti)
from: 1 September 2020 Duration: 4 weeks
- COURSES of Italian language and culture - GUIDED TOURS in the most beautiful Italian cities: Abruzzo, Alberobello, Positano, Sorrento, skiing on the snow of the Apennines, Capri, Rome, Assisi, Bari, Polignano a Mare, Vieste, Cinque Terre, Civita... more

Nuova Arcadia
Accommodations: (Host Family) (Apartment) (Hotel - B&B)
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Schools in Italy

Cooking School
Mandilli de Saea
Locality: Cogorno (Genoa)
Region: Liguria

"Mandilli de Saea" is an initiative started by the creativeness of Anna, a former B&B hostess and skilled cook, expert in Ligurian cuisine. Very active on the promotion of her area ( Tigullio Gulf...

Courses: Amateur
Accommodations: Apartment Hotel - B&B
Cooking School
A Scuola Di Gusto
Locality: Bologna Region: Emilia - Romagna

A Scuola di Gusto, the cooking school of Bologna, is a professional school that realizes many different courses, from amateur to professional level, on a high variety of subjects such as Hand-made...

Courses: Amateur Professional
Cooking School
ALMA,Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana
Locality: Colorno (Parma)
Region: Emilia - Romagna

ALMA is the world’s leading international educational and training centre for Italian Cuisine. ALMA educates chefs, sommelier, food&beverage managers from all around the world, forming professionals...

Courses: Professional
Accommodations: Apartment
Cooking School
Agenzia Formativa Dante Alighieri srl Unipersonale
Locality: Lendinara (Rovigo)
Region: Veneto

Courses: Professional
Cooking School
image unavailable
I gustasapori
Locality: Cortona (Arezzo)
Region: Tuscany

Courses: Amateur Professional
Accommodations: Apartment
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You can also find cooking classes at

restaurant & pizzeria
Locality: - San Giovanni Di Fassa (Trento)
Region: Trentino - Alto Adige Sudtirol

Cooking Classes are held at our facility in San Giovanni Di Fassa
Cooking Courses
La Casa delle Fate
Locality: - Villa Faraldi (Imperia)
Region: Liguria

Cooking Classes are held at our facility in Villa Faraldi
Cooking Courses
Agriturismo Le Fontanacce s.r.l.
Locality: - Pescia (Pistoia)
Region: Tuscany

Cooking Classes are held at our facility in Pescia
Cooking Courses
Masseria Chicco Rizzo
Locality: S.P. Sternatia-Martignano - Sternatia (Lecce)
Region: Apulia

Cooking Classes are held at our facility in Sternatia
Cooking Courses
Agriturismo il Quadrifoglio
Locality: Colle Marcone - Chieti
Region: Abruzzo

Cooking Classes are held at our facility in Chieti
Cooking Courses

Italian Cooking Recipes

Spaghetti with roses

Choose the roses; they should be preferrably pink. Take the petals and clean them gently with a damp towel, cut them in thin slices and keep aside 6 whole petals. Cut the ham into small cubes. Stir fry the onion with some butter, add the ham, fry it... more

Zuppa Inglese : a classic Italian Pudding

In a bowl, mix together with a fork the egg yolks and sugar to make a pastry cream. Once soft and creamy, add the flour and mix together well. Add the milk and lemon peel to a small saucepan and bring to a boil. As soon as the milk begins to boil,... more

Bucatini amatriciana

The Amatriciana or matriciana is a typical dish of the Italian tradition, known and appreciated in every region. The name comes from Amatrice, a town in the province of Rieti. The main ingredients are guanciale (jowl bacon), pecorino cheese and... more

Events in Italy Add Event (free)

Summer Stay in Couple Promo
Melendugno (Lecce) Region: Apulia
from: 1 June 2020 to: 30 September 2020 Genre: Other

Special Stay Offer for Summer, in promo for Couples, 4 nights of your choice in B&B. Write your email to, or call 3405024958 (also Whatsapp message). Couple offer in Salento for your summer, a few days, limited places.

Posted by:
3 Accommodation Offers near Lecce
Where to stay in
Alba (Cuneo) Region: Piedmont
from: 10 October 2020 to: 8 December 2020 Genre: Fairs

The International Alba White Truffle Fair is one of the main showcases of high gastronomy and Italian excellence. The essence of the Fair, on every Saturday and Sunday in October and November, is the Alba White Truffle World Market; during this...... more

Posted by:
Where to stay in
Anghiari (Arezzo) Region: Tuscany
from: 30 October 2020 to: 1 November 2020 Genre: Wine And Food

With the arrival of autumn Anghiari is preparing to host the market exhibition of "I Centogusti dell'Appennino". The appointment will take place on 30th – 31st October and 1st November throughout the historic center of the town. The exhibition,...... more

Posted by: Ass. Pro Loco Anghiari
3 Accommodation Offers near Arezzo
Where to stay in

Latest Events in Italy

Locality:Rome Region:Lazio
Genre: Art
from: 19 September 2020
to: 15 November 2020
Valerio Giacone
Inauguration Saturday 19 September 11.00-22.00
On Saturday 19th September, the FABER art gallery will host the UNO exhibition by Valerio Giacone. Giacone...

Posted by: Galleria d'arte Fabe
Locality:Asolo (Treviso)

Genre: Art
from: 30 August 2020
to: 15 November 2020
Opening to the public on August 30,2020 for the exhibition "Vedova / Shimamoto: Informal from West to East", a tribute to the great revolution of the international Informal season that the City of...
Posted by: Matteo Vanzan
Turin reopens
Locality:Turin Region:Piedmont
Genre: Art
from: 3 June 2020
to: 31 December 2021
Turin reopens egizio, moove, zoom, and pictures.
Posted by: Casa Vacanze Santa Rita
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