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The haystack seats of Casalattico

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The haystack seats of Casalattico

Where: Casalattico
Genre: culture   nature   fun   folklore   useful information   

An important excursion destination, it can be reached on foot from Belmonte Castello and Colle SM, the village overlooks the Comino Valley. Along the banks of the Melfa river we visit archaeological sites from the Roman age with funerary monuments. The Roman bridge that leads to the village also dates from this period. At Campo al Popolo there are the haystack seats. These are circular buildings of dry-interlocked stones and a conical thatched roof. Temporary dwellings, used by shepherds during the transhumance, constitute an important testimony of rural life. The museum set up in the mill, well preserved, enriches the contact with the integral and peasant life. The scent of straw and worked wood will inebriate you. In the village we visit the Church of San Barbato bishop with paintings by the Polish Kuntz such as the Madonna del Carmelo and Santi and the Catarinozzi organ of the seventeenth century. Signposted trails will lead you to a naturalistic area up to the summit of Mount Cairo from where you can connect to the Liri valley.

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