Hotel I Campanacci in Isola Di Capo Rizzuto (Crotone) - Italy

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Hotel I Campanacci
Via Faro, 25 - Capo Rizzuto - Isola Di Capo Rizzuto (Crotone)
is located in a populated area
near the sea

Internet Wi-Fi  

Own CAPORIZZUTO to the center of the very beautiful RESERVE NATURAL HARBOR that it carry the same name, The beach to only 150 meters, it is the ideal place for of the "vacations really to the sea\\\\\\". Absorbed in the clearer and uncontaminated water, under a sky from the tropical colors where the hotter sun shines, breathing the perfumed air of the CALABRIA. The HOTEL" Pension The CAMPANACCI" you there offers the possibility' of a stay in comfortable rooms, a family management, the courtesy and the heat of the Calabrian people.

Prices( No Booking Fees )

Min.€. 20,00
Max.€. 50,00
Min.€. 40,00
Max.€. 80,00
Min.€. 50,00
Max.€. 130,00
Min.€. 60,00
Max.€. 150,00
Apartment A
Min.€. 40,00
Max.€. 100,00
Persons:4 max
Apartment B
Min.€. 60,00
Max.€. 150,00
Persons:6 max

PRICES LIST 2014 - min/max for person ~ in euros. Room b&b 20.00 - 50.00 HB 35.00 - 65.00 full board 45.00 - 75.00 *supplemento air condizioned 5 € for day.. more

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Distance from Hotel I Campanacci to:

(Using public transportation)
Seaside: 3 minutes
Airport: 10 minutes

The property offers accommodation for a minimum of 1 nights and it has 25 bed places